Data-driven marketing that delivers.

Running into a wall with your content strategy? Not sure how to take full advantage of the channels in your portfolio? Can't keep up with shifting platform capabilities and evolutions? Team feeling strapped for creativity and resources? I can help.

I've spent a decade immersed in social media and have my finger on the pulse. I'm an expert content strategist and executional partner, fueled by data, to help you understand your performance and increase growth.

It's my secret sauce, but I'm ready to share it with you.

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  • Social Media Strategy

    Sorting through your channel mix, messaging and goals to create a robust social media strategy is the first step to success. I bring more than a decade of experience to the table to help you understand how to connect with your audience through organic and paid content. I develop overarching channel mix, messaging, cadence and guidelines that take your social media to the next level.

  • Executive LinkedIn Coaching

    Setting up your LinkedIn page to deliver impact for both your personal brand and your business. I audit your current page structure, provide strategic updates (and tell you why they matter), and give you a master class in how to post, engage, and build your visibility. We'll also talk about how to build your network, what good engagement looks like, and dive into aspirations for the future.

  • Paid Campaign Management

    Creating and managing paid campaigns is second nature. From six-figure budgets to short test-and-learn programs, I help you select the channels and targeting that best fit your campaign goals, build creative and copy that connects, launch campaigns and optimize in flight. 

  • Operations Support

    Building organizations and tool sets that allow your team to work as efficiently and seamlessly as possible is my bread and butter. I bring my years of experience in operations and governance to the table to help you see areas of improvement, roadmap future operations, develop processes, review and onboard new tools, socialize and gain buy-in to plans, and finally roll out new ways of working.

I can help you create a presence that drives your business.

Why You Should Work With Me